EZ-ACT Automatic Check Transfer Software


Automated Check Image Transfer
Connects Check and Cash ATM's Data to Check Processor
Designed for Tier III Banks and Credit Unions
Cost Effective as Custom Integration
Patent Pending
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eNotify notification software

eNotify Equipment Status Email Notification

eNotify has been designed for use in any PC based kiosk system. The program is installed on a device to be monitored and eNotify will send an email, text message or instant message to anyone who needs to be notified of a specific event. eNotify will work with internal or public email systems. more...
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Middleware Integation software

CDS Core Connect (AKA Linx-CDS) Middleware

The CDS Core Connect software allows two way communication between the CDS machine and the host allowing direct deposit, account information, relationship marketing and account screening.  The CDS Core Connect also saves the financial institution money as this keeps the transactions "in-house" vs using a clearing house to process all transactions (click per fee). more...
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