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eNotify notification software
Equipment Status Email Notification... Would you like to know what a machine is “thinking” before the client does? Do you need to monitor equipment in a new location with a high profile account? Does your customer want to be notified when a machine needs to be serviced or have the supplies refilled? eNotify will solve these and many other challenges by communicating important information to the people, groups or service personnel when the event occurs. eNotify has been designed for use in any PC based kiosk system. The program is installed on a device to be monitored and eNotify will send an email, text message or instant message to anyone who needs to be notified of a specific event. eNotify will work with internal or public email systems. Electronic notification can be sent by eNotify for critical errors, informational notices, low paper warnings, vault status and capacity or any notice generated and reported by the machine. Each event can be sent to only the people required to know about a specific occurrence. Setup Example: The end user needs to know when a machine needs paper, the machine is jammed or the vault is full. System Requirements • PC running Windows 2000, XP Pro, Vista Business • Network connectivity (Local* or Internet**) • CDS Coin counter with PC running Orchard or Middleware monitoring simple online • Hard drive with 2meg of available storage • CD Drive • Network card *For local intranet email servers where external email is not required. ** For email to be sent outside of the intranet or to a public email account (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc..) IIS (Internet Information Service) is needed on the PC hosting the eNotify program if email will be sent from the PC to an external email account. This service is only available on specific Windows operating systems running SQL 2005 or greater.
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