Benchmark Series 7 Cash Dispenser

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The Benchmark Series 7 is a high capacity, high-speed cash dispenser designed for use in even the most demanding applications, including the drive-up or branch teller positions. It can also be positioned between two tellers. By eliminating time consuming manual cash counting, wait times are shorter and staff has more time to focus on customer service, cross-selling and other critical activities. The Benchmark Series 7 Dispenser makes the frontline more secure and also enables open floor plans where cash exposure is nearly eliminated. This results in a safer environment for your clients as well as staff. Improved transaction efficiency reduces customer wait times and allows your staff to deliver a better overall experience to your customers.

Advantage: Glory

The dispensing mechanism is designed for high-volume transactions. This results in greater equipment up-time, fewer service calls and a better staff experience as tellers continue assisting customers. As the most reliable dispenser on the market, together with Glory’s top-rated service, it is the most risk-free choice resulting in low cost ownership.

Increase Security
Benchmark Series 7 offers vault-level security and reduces cash exposure – significantly reducing theft risk and improving the security of clients and staff.

Improve transaction efficiencies and enhance the client experience Accuracy and speed are what clients look for when conducting cash transactions – Benchmark Series 7 provides both. The Benchmark 750 offers a wide range of cassette, drop box and security options that fit a variety of customer needs.
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