RBG-300 Retail Intelligent Cash Recycler

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Glory’s RBG-300, an Intelligent Cash Recycler, answers retail challenges by providing high-capacity, revolutionary security features and fast processing speed to maximize work efficiency. Designed for back office cash settlement, note exchangers, till replenishment and easy end-of-day balancing, the RBG-300 delivers advanced functionality while remaining very simple to operate. It utilizes intelligent note tracking and internal auditing for optimum security.

Glory’s RBG-300 Intelligent Cash Recycling solutions reduce labor requirements, eliminate human error and greatly improve control of cash office operations.

Advantage: Glory

Up to 14,400 note capacity
The largest note capacity in the retail industry affords approximately 9,900 recyclable note capacity and a secure 4,500 note deposit-only collection drawer means fewer change orders and CIT pickups. The RBG-300’s large capacity is designed to meet the high demands of cash rooms.

Highest speed in the industry
10 notes per second means faster processing of deposits, withdrawals and bill exchanges, saving both time and money. Internal auto-verification Performs internal automatic verification to ensure balanced cash inventory, reducing dual control audit requirements.

Configurable cassettes
Fully configurable cassettes with up to 5 recyclable denominations. A separate cassette offers auto-load capability.

Enhanced security
The UL-291 approved safe allows for overnight storage of cash inventory.

Contemporary compact design
Innovative cassette design provides increased capacity, security and placement in almost any space.
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