EZ-ACT Automatic Check Transfer Software
EZ-ACT is a universal solution for automating check deposits at an ATM. EZ-ACT captures check images, enables the user to review any editing done by the customer at the deposit site, inserts a batch header and then transfers the data to the check processor. It is cost effective compared to custom integration or utilizing labor to retrieve checks from the ATM locations. More importantly, EZ-ACT (EZ Automated Check Transfer) enables the tier III banks and credit unions to utilize their existing investment in check imaging hardware and the check processing company configurations. The EZ-ACT system allows the account holder the ability to deposit checks (or cash) directly into an ATM for optimal fund availability. The deposit functions are based on the business rules, and could allow the same processing done at the teller line. The EZ-ACT system can be deployed to multiple ATM sites. The batch processing of deposits can be completed once a day or multiple times during the day, and can be completed at one site or at multiple work stations. Deployment is efficient for the EZ-ACT ATM Software, EZ-ACT Manager (server) and EZ-ACT Workstation Software. The training is simple and quick. It works with most scanners including Canon, Panini, Unisys and Digital Check. There is an optional cash processing function available. (Patent pending)
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